Elevation-In-Dent Accesia SET 1-5 incl. Instrument box (5 pcs)


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OBS! Different color of box may occur.

Accesia has developed a unique instrument with details that makes the job of extracting teeth easier than ever.
In the kit 04-05-166 with all sizes you also get a practical instrumentbox customized for Elevation-In-Dent.

The kit includes 5 sizes.
04-05-161  Elevation-In-Dent Size 1 (White 1,6mm)
04-05-162  Elevation-In-Dent Size 2 (Green 2.5mm)
04-05-163  Elevation-In-Dent Size 3 (Red 3mm)
04-05-164  Elevation-In-Dent Size 4 (Blue 4,2mm)
04-05-165  Elevation-In-Dent Size 5 (Yellow 5,6mm)