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Bizzipack is an affordable big-pack of our bizziproducts: Bizzibrush, Bizzipaste & Softyswipe. And also contains 48 booklets with 20 pages each.

The booklet contains a lot of good information about the most frequent dental diseases as well as homecare advice, and is intended to be sent home with the owner to give knowledge and inspiration on how to increase the wellbeing of their four-legged friend.

Bizzipack contents:

Bizzibrush is a specially designed toothbrush for dogs and cats.
12 pcs SMALL
24 pcs MEDIUM
12 pcs LARGE

Toothpaste developed to improve the animals’ mouth and dental hygiene
48 pcs

Soft finger cloth that contributes to a simple brushing for animals who are being introduced to brushing.
48 pcs

Booklet - homecare advice
20 page booklet with homecare advice.
48 st

If you want to recieve the booklet in a certain language, write a message in the checkout. The booklet is available in Swedish, Norwegian, German, Dutch and English.