Extraktions-Kit Dog


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04-05-164 Accesia Elevation-In-Dent 4,2mm
04-05-165 Accesia Elevation-In-Dent 5,6mm
04-05-356G Root Forceps small General Accesia
04-05-450 Periosteal Accesia Cat
04-05-451 Periosteal Dog Accesia
04-05-550A Scissor Metzenbaum Short Curved Advanced Accesia
04-05-603 Needle Holder Crile-wood 15 cm Advanced
04-05-702G Surgical Curette Lucas Medium Accesia
04-05-801 Scalpel handle Size 3
04-05-950G Tweezers Adson Brown Short General Accesia
04-06-152R Instrumentbox Large Red