Sponge Case Tracheal (48 sev.sizes)


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DENTO-DORM® TRACHEAL SPONGE Made from cellular rubber, this is a sealing sponge for the trachea, especially during calculus removal and dental treatments.The DENTO-DORM® Tracheal Sponge has a tightly sealing outlet opening for the tracheal tube. Available as a basic case kit with various Tracheal-Sponge sizes for small cats to large dogs. The case comes with 48 Tracheal-Sponges. Bacteriologically and virologically harmless after proper disinfection.

EXAMPLES OF USE Sponge seals with central, densely sealing perforations for the tracheal tube. Employed during calculus removal and dental treatments far in the pharynx and prevents calculus fragments and water from reaching the pharynx. At the same time ensures the tube from slipping. The material resists commercial disinfectants and autoclaving, so that - after used properly - multiple use is bacteriologically and virologically harmless.

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