Orthodontics I - 3 days

This three-day course will give you the theoretical knowledge and technical skills to be able to manage the most common types of malocclusion seen in dogs and cats. Theoretical lectures are alternated with practical procedures in our fully equipped, state of the art laboratory. Among other things, you will take impressions, make a bite registration, manufacture acrylic appliances in the mouth and plan and fit active appliances. Course participants will work in pairs under supervision in the laboratory sessions.


Theoretical Topics:
• Occlusal Evaluation and Fundamentals of Orthodontics
• Taking Impressions
• Bite Registration and Making Models
• Incline Plane
• Direct Bonding
• Interceptive Orthodontics and Different Methods of Handling Abnormal Occlusion

Practical/interactive procedures:
• Taking impressions
• Bite Registration and Making models
• Passive Appliance – incline plane
• Active Appliances - direct bonding with buttons, brackets & elastic chains and wires
• Case Management – interactive session
• Making acrylic appliances

Course goal

To make one cognisant of the common malocclusions and to know how to correct them.


Orthodontics I
Course fee
€ 1 980,00
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Accesia Academy Level
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Dog Dog
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