Dentistry II - 5 days

This course for those with previous knowledge of Part I. It continues with an in-depth study of extraction techniques, evaluation of malocclusions and orthodontic devices, diagnosis and treatment of traumatic injuries on both feline and canine teeth and jaw. Analysis of the participants own case-studies created after Dentistry I.


Theoretical topics:
• Extraction refresher
• Complications to extraction
• Maxillofacial loco-regional analgesia and complications
• Non-periodontal inflammatory oral lesions in cats
• Feline tooth resorption
• Oral tumors in cats
• Non-periodontal inflammatory oral lesions in dogs
• Canine tooth resorption
• Oral tumors in dogs

Practical/interactive procedures:
• Inclined plane and crown extensions for linguoverted mandibular canine teeth
• Analysis of case-studies created after Dentistry Part I
• Symphyseal separation and simple mandibular/maxillary fracture repair (MMF)
• Splinting technique for lateral luxation of maxillary canine tooth and basic palatal surgical techniques (von langhenback)
• Loco-regional blocks in cats
• Feline full-mouth extractions
• Loco-regional blocks in dogs
• Dental extractions refresher.

Course goal

After this module you will, as a general practitioner, have the skills needed to provide your clients with professional dental care. You will obtain the prior knowledge needed to apply for more advanced courses in our program.



Previous knowledge

Dentistry Part 1 (or comparable education/experience)

Dentistry II
Course fee
€ 3 295,00
English English
Accesia Academy Level
General General
Subject area
Basic module
Team work
Cat Cat
Dog Dog
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