Dentistry I - 5 days

A course that covers dental radiology, tooth extractions, instrument knowledge, theoretical and practical work. Lectures and applications will also give you the knowledge when advicing animal owners about practical oral hygiene and prevention of the most common dental problems in dogs and cats.


Theoretical topics:
• Oral/dental anatomy and physiology
• Oral embryology and developmental defects
• History taking and oral examination technique
• Dental radiography
• Oral microbiology
• Immunology and basics of wound healing
• Periodontology – Aetiology and pathogenesis
• Radiographic interpretation
• Use of antibiotics in dentistry
• Basic concepts and ergonomics in dentistry
• Periodontology – Non-surgical periodontal therapy
• Dental extractions: indications, closed technique
• Dental extractions: open technique
• Plaque control and prevention
• Case management – a clinical case
• Aseptic techniques and preparation of a patient

Practical/interactive procedures:
• Oral examination and dental radiography technique
• Instrumentation
• Radiography and Radiology
• Periodontal therapy and radiography
• Open and closed extractions in dogs.
• Practice set-up and management

Course goal

Get the knowledge you need about oral anatomy to identify and treat the most common oral diseases. This is the first module of two, which will give you a broad base and prepare you for our more advanced courses.


Veterinarians and veterinary nurses in teams with vet.
Dentistry I
Course fee
€ 2 950,00
English English
Accesia Academy Level
Basic Basic
Subject area
Basic module
Team work
Cat Cat
Dog Dog
Ana Nemec

Ana Nemec
DVM, PhD, Dipl. AVDC, Dipl. EVDC

Margherita Gracis

Margherita Gracis
Dipl AVDC, Dipl EVDC

2024-10-28 - 2024-11-01
Last registration date
Number of participants
To ensure efficient lecturing and high quality supervision in the practical sessions, the number of participants is limited to 24 persons.
Accesia Academy, Söndrumsvägen 35, 302 37 Halmstad.
09.00 - 17.00 (sista dagen slutar 16.30)