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Our mission is
Doing well by doing good

Our vision is
When European vets think animal dental care they think Accesia


With her extensive background and experience in both human and animal dental care Susanne Andersson started Accesia AB (Ltd) in 2004. Knowledge about, and importance of, the major impact that a good dental health has on the animals wellbeing was found to be low and generally neglected. With animal health and welfare as an overriding goal Accesia developed courses in all disciplines of animal dental care and can now proudly invite participants from all over Europe to courses in their superbly equipped, and for dental education tailored facilities at beautiful Slottsmöllan, Halmstad, Sweden.

The great need to fill the competence gap led to a high demand for suitable equipment and instruments. Hence the company decided to invest in the development and sale of an appropriate and proprietary product portfolio tailored to our area of specialization.

Today, the business is focused on four main areas, equipment (50%), consumables (20%), training (25%) and service / consulting (5%). Since the start of the Accesia Academy we have now trained about 1,600 veterinarians and approximately 1,100 animal nurses.

In 2012 and 2013, the company underwent a financial and organizational restructuring. To ensure full focus on our core businesses we established two business areas, Accesia Academy and Accesia Equipment and Supplies. A new financial partner was invited to join and we are now confident that Accesia will grow with high customer satisfaction and profitability. To ensure high reliability/availability of all equipment we have, in addition to our own service technicians teamed up with Lagafors AB for servicing, maintenance and installations.

Core competences

Our staff and partners have extensive experience and knowledge in the whole spectra of animal dentistry. They are also skilled in all aspects of general animal care, surgery, anesthesia, ergonomics and efficient patient flows for best ethical care and financial results. Examples of important partners include Dr. Cecilia Gorell, Bsc MA DDS VetMB Hon., FAVD DEVDC MRCVS European Recognized Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry. She is the author of a number of successful scientific articles and several books. Cecilia lectures regularly on our courses.
We are also proud of our long-standing and close cooperation with ESAVS, European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies, Luxembourg, that have chosen us as their partner for dental courses

Product Development

Our unique core competences and network are extremely valuable when we carry out product development. Results of what these “multi-and cross skilled development teams” have achieved include: our instrument series “Accesia Extraktor”, “Accesia Periostelva”, Accesia Endodontic series and our charting software system “Accesia Prodenta”.

Several development projects are at various stages on their way to market launch.
We continuously adapt products / units to our market niche and streamline our supply chain for improved competitiveness and efficiency.

Our products shall deliver quality for our customers and must meet our high standards to enable optimal care solutions for the animals. We put emphasis on a working environment that is ergonomically sound and based on an efficient system of patient flow. This is a must for anyone that wants to perform professional animal dentistry.

Our Brand and Trademark

The trade mark Accesia™ is protected. We continuously strive to increase the understanding and value of Accesia by adding knowledge and content that are aligned with our core values and cornerstones to build a strong company with a valuable trademark. We take pride in our products bearing our name.

Market Characteristics

Animal Dentistry is a highly specialized segment of animal care which is still at a relatively early stage of development. This attract many new entrants from both the human dentistry field and so-called “single-source suppliers” to veterinary clinics.

All clinics that strive to perform both ethical and efficient treatment need a good match between competence/skills levels and equipment /instruments to achieve this. We have approximately 1000 clients, primarily in the Nordic countries, 70%, and the rest mainly in Europe. At Accesia we take pride in being the best at what we do, Animal dental care, and nothing else.

Competetive Advantages

Our biggest advantages are undoubtedly the high and unique expertise we offer as well as our single minded focus on one segment, oral care and animal dentistry. We share the experience and knowledge with our course participants in the Accesia Academy, and make good use of it when developping our proprietary product portfolio. All products used on the Accesia Academy are available in our on line store/web shop and have prior to launch been field tested by selected veterinaries.

Further, our courses and product portfolio are tailored to the level of animal dentistry that our customers choose to offer their clients. The base is the criteria “Basic, General or Advanced”. For example can a customer who chooses the“General level” select the recommended courses and matching equipment to enable the most effective dental care with the best financial results.

After completion of a course the participant can start practicing the relevant techniques in his/hers practice.

We have found that above is a good platform to perform professional, efficient and gentle dental care of animals.


We monitor the market closely and adjust our offer accordingly. Some markets are being restructured into chains of clinics and as a consequence we have introduced KAM’s (Key Account Management) to align ourselves to their needs.
Geographical responsibilities are allocated as follows

–       Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark – Emil Andersson,

–       Sweden, Germany, England, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands – Martin Carlsson,

–       Germany, England – Johan Cavalli (along with Martin Carlsson)


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