Techne RX Galilean Lupe

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Techne RX is also available with prescription lenses and with your name engraved.

Techne RX Galilean
• The exclusive frame provides both stability and protection
• Extraordinary comfort and fit
• Integrated side protection
• Adjustable nose support
• We adapt your Techne RX to your exact measurements

EOS NEXT features cutting-edge illumination technology, high illuminated spot quality and extended battery life at maximum intensity. Moreover, a dedicated app as an extra command of basic controls, automatic firmware updates and the international recognition for Univet design.

01-14-603 MAGNETIC LED-STIRNLEUCHTE EOS Im Paket enthalten

• Color temperature: 5700 K
• Brightness: 50000 lux
• Battery life: 9h at max brightness
• Headlight weight: 25 g