Introduction to Endodontics and Dental Trauma - 3 Tage

During this course different restoration techniques, such as sealing and fillings, will be discussed and you will make your first steps into endodontics with vital pulpectomy. All materials you need for these treatments will be explained. Theoretical information will be translated to practical sessions in complete wetlabs, using state- of-the-art equipment. You will be working in pairs, guided by experts.


The course is an introduction to endodontics, dental trauma and various treatment options. The course will give the participants the needed anatomy and physiology of the tooth and surrounding structures. Dental disease, etiology and possible treatment of several endodontic problems. Participants will learn how to diagnose endodontic disease. Preparation of a restoration (supra- and sub-gingival) as well as techniques and which instruments can be used. Lastly the participants will get an insight into pulpal reaction to infection and trauma, as well as vital pulp therapy and evaluation of treatment and disease. During the course attendees will also learn about endodontic material.

Theoretical topics:
- Introduction to the endodontics and dental traume – tooth anatomy and physiology
- Restorative materials and Dental Restorative techniques (supra- and sub-gingival)
- Pulpal patology, reaction and pain
- Diagnostic procedures in endodontics
- Vital pulp therapy
- Evaluation of treatment.

- Vital pulp therapy
- Endodontics instruments
- Restorative materials
- Restoration of teeth (supra- and sub-gingival)
- Diagnostic imaging (Dental radiographs)
- Evaluation of treatment and dental radiographs




Attendees should have a basic training and understanding of dentistry and be comfortable with obtaining full-mouth dental radiographs (all techniques) on cats and dogs. Participants should be able to perform a thorough oral examination and be familiar with dental anatomy, histology and physiology. Likewise should participants be familiarized with the dental unit, different burs and handpieces.
Introduction to Endodontics and Dental Trauma
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Marnix Lamberts

Marnix Lamberts
DVM, Dentistry & Oro-maxillofacial surgery

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Peter Strøm
DVM, MSc, Dipl. AVDC, Dipl. EVDC

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