Techne Galilean Loupe

Available in several variants

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• Comfortable design
• Ergonomic frame for an optimal weight distribution
• High quality optics
• Integrated side protection
• Front mounted metal frame for fixed position of optics
• Adjustable nose support
• We adapt your Techne RX to your exact measurements

LED Headlight EOS 2.0
The low weight of the EOS 2.0, along with the lamp's optimal colour rendering, ensure great comfort throughout your workday. The lamp is connected to the charger, which indicates battery strength. Available with magnetic mount.

01-14-603 MAGNET LED Headlight EOS included in the package.

• Color temperature: 5500 K
• Brightness: 35000 lux
• Battery life: 8h at max brightness
• Headlight weight: 11 g