Superseal 8 ml


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1 x8ml

Super Seal ® is an aqueous potassium oxalate compound, which provides quick and effective response to dentinal hypersensitivity for up to 2 years after a single application.
It is not toxic, not stain the teeth, is easy to apply and is biologically compatible with soft tissues. Using existing calcium in the dentinal tubules to form insoluble calcium oxalate crystals total block the dentin channels.

Used at dentinöverkänslighet, Periodontal disease treatment, Periodontal surgery, before and after bleaching teeth under all restorations such as crowns, composites and inlays.
The strength of bonding treatment is not affected, even after repeated applications of Superseal.
Superseal ® does not irritate or damage the soft tissues are not and can not be brushed off.

To use Superseal:
* 1-2 drops Superseal directly on a cotton pellet.
* Wear a forceps, and rub, at least 30 seconds, in the area of the tooth to be treated. Power is obtained within 10 seconds, otherwise probably a crack. The effect is in two years!
* Blast gently for 30 seconds or allow a drying time of 2 minutes. Hard blasting can "blow away" Superseal ® from the area. One can see a frosty white surface or precipitation. This is an acid-resistant layer that blocks the movement of fluid in the tubules and thus hypersensitivity to cold and heat. Studies have shown that the most effective result in the use of bonding requires etching before application of the Superseal. For other uses of Superseal is not so.
A bottle with 8 ml is sufficient to 160 drops.