The Drill in Endo-, Perio & Resto - 3 days

During this course we will drill you with experience in endodontics, periodontics and restorations to perfect your skills. Up to date materials will be detailed.


Course content:

Periodontal Surgery:
• Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty
• Open periodontal therapy
• Bone grafting options and guided tissue regeneration
• Partial tooth extraction with management of retained tooth segments
• Laterally positioned flaps
• Apically positioned flaps

Restorative dentistry:
• Flap management of sublingual defects
• Defect preparation
• Use of pins and posts
• Defect restoration

Tips and tricks for orthograde (non-surgical) endodontics:
Access; debriding, shaping and disinfecting; obturating; access and fracture site restoration

Prosthodontic therapy:
• Crown preparation for partial and full prosthodontic crowns
• Detailed impression
• Full-mouth impressions
• Bite registration
• Stone models
• Temporary crown

Execution of retrograde (surgical) endodontics:
• Flap management (mucosa or skin)
• Alveolectomy
• Apicoectomy
• Retrograde restoration


The Drill in Endo-, Perio & Resto
Course fee
19 800,00 kr
English English
Accesia Academy Level
Advanced Advanced
Subject area
Oral Surgery
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