Prodenta – journaling programme for veterinary dentistry.
Prodenta Version 2.0 03-01-001

 Journaling programme for veterinary denstistry.
Prodenta is an easy to use computer program for keeping a journal of your dental patients. It is specially designed to suit the veterinary dentistry. Module for dog and cat teeth are in the original version. Several animal species such as rabbit, guinea pig and horse are under development.

The program documents actions that are performed on patients in an easy, efficient and professional manner. Prodenta is developed by Accesia.

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  • Clickable tooth map
  • Integration to Accesia’s digital systems
  • Available as integration to main journal systems
  • Around the clock online support


  • Quick and easy journal entry
  • Review X-rays while writing in the dental journal
  • The dental records go straight into the main journal
  • Safe and secure


  • Easy to understand
  • 100% compatible
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