Accesia BizziBrush®

There are no shortcuts to good oral health. Best results are obtained by careful and regular cleaning of the teeth. We have developed BizziBrush® to be the best and most gentle instrument for achieving good oral health in dogs and cats.

BizziBrush® available in three sizes to fit the smallest as well as the really big mouths. BizziBrush® is a design and trademarked product developed by Accesia.

MREG No/European Design Patent No 001443089-0001.

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BizziBrush stran

Two levels of soft bristles for effective cleaning that is also gentle on your pet’s gums and mouth.

BizziBrush handtag

The handle’s design makes it easy to twist and turn when cleaning hard-to-reach surfaces.

BizziBrush Hals

Uniquely designed dual heads and optimized neck angle provide full flexibility and access to all teeth.

BizziBrush rafflad yta

The grooved handle provides good support and a firm grip for your fingers.

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Cecilia “Cissi” Löfkvist
Sales Sweden and Denmark


Emil Andersson
Sales Sweden and Norway


Martin Carlsson
Sales Europe and Sweden

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