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We can offer you everything you need to conduct animal dentistry and oral surgery. We sell products & equipment, combined with training and support!

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  • Accesia Dental Equipment

    Knowledge and the right equipment is the the foundations of any successful clinic. Accesia guides and simplifies the choice of equipment depending on the clinic looks. We can supply solutions for your whole clinic with dental room, interior, storage, sterile room and ergonomics.

  • Webshop – Animal Dentistry

    An online store that has everything you as a veterinarian need to conduct a high-quality animal dentistry! Hand Instruments for surgery, dental burs and consumables are some examples that you can find in our webshop.

  • Dental courses for vets & nurses

    Accesia’s veterinary courses are covered by both a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part takes place in our big lecturing room, by well known lecturers from around the world. And in our highly equipped “practical room” you will be learning by doing. It has the equipment needed to ensure that all participants will […]